Now hiring Sr Frontend Developer

Senior Frontend Developer

We’re looking for a Senior Frontend Developer to join our team.

You will work alongside the founders of Velocity Labs to build an exciting video and content platform. You will be a pivotal member of our team and have the opportunity to lay the technical foundations of a new greenfield cloud-native.  You will take part in discussions over architecture, make decisions on the direction of development and bring your own experience and skills to work on solving many interesting and complicated problems.

A great opportunity to start with a blank slate and build a system unencumbered by legacy tech.

Our stack

  • Google Cloud / Digital Ocean
  • The back-end is composed of APIs developed in Java
  • The front-end stack is up for discussion

Your qualities include

  • A desire to build useful, ergonomic and aesthetically compelling UIs that feature complex data visualizations
  • A taste for elegant APIs and well-crafted systems
  • An interest in applying 'Reactive' principles, to the extent relevant to Application development
  • Experience with Asynchronous, and Distributed programming
  • The ability to work autonomously, improvise and iterate

You are

  • Strong in JavaScript and/or Typescript
  • Knowledgeable & Experienced vis-a-vis HTML 5, CSS3, Responsive Design, etc
  • Comfortable with front-end package management and build tools (npm, webpack, grunt/gulp, etc)
  • Committed to validating code with reasonable unit and integration tests
  • Conversant with asynchronous Web frameworks and abstractions, e.g.
    • Futures/Promises
    • Streams
    • Websocket
    • Webworkers
  • Experienced with d3 and/or low-level SVG for rich client-side data visualization 

Even better if you are

  • Practiced in Accessibility
  • Experienced in the ecommerce or video industry
  • An ongoing contributor with passion for learning and adopting cutting edge technologies
  • Familiar with containerization technologies such as Docker and Kubernetes

We offer

  • An interesting and challenging green field project with clear goals and objectives
  • Flat structure
  • Remote work environment with connected team
  • Opportunity to be part of a growing product

Sound interesting? We think so. Send us your CV/Resume/Credentials to