Q: How does it work?

A: It's really easy. You simply search for and select your favorite channels, and then set your cadence frequency (immediate, daily or weekly). We do the rest. You'll receive a notification when your new videos are available.

Q: Do I have to subscribe to a channel in order to watch its content?

A: Yes. That's how we customize your feed, by bringing in the content that you asked for, not trying to overload you with videos and content you didn't (ask for).

Q: Is YouTube the only content channel I can subscribe to through echocast.com?

A: Yes. At the moment. But exciting news in the near future!! We are working with other platforms to integrate their content into our video platform and notification system.


Q: When I receive a notification, what happens next?

A: Quite simply, it means the video is available for you to watch. When you click on the link, you will be taken to echocast.com and into your feed.

Q: Is email the only way I can get notified?

A: At this time, yes. We will enable other methods in the very near future

Q: Do I have a choice as to how often I want to be notified?

A: Through our platform you can select the frequency that you want to receive your notifications - Immediately, Daily or Weekly. Immediate means we'll notify you as soon as the video is available. Both Daily and Weekly are digests, which collect the content over the last day or seven days, depending on your selection.

Q: How can I manage my notifications for channels I am following on echocast?

A: You can view a list of your channels on the My Preferences page and edit your preferences. From there, you can change your frequency or unfollow channels. You can also do that from any card/tile of a channel that you subscribe to (by search or if it happens to be on our home page). We'll also keep any channels you've recently unfollowed from just in case you change your mind

Channel Search & Subscriptions

Q: When I subscribe to a channel, what will I be able to see?

A: After you subscribe, you will have access to most (if not all) of that channel's videos. We also give you the opportunity to filter the content, so you can find the exact video you want. Or you can start at the top and just hit autoplay.

Q: How many channels can I subscribe to?

A: At the moment, the limit is 25. Never fear though, we will increase that soon.

Q: Will the channels that I subscribe to on YouTube.com automatically be listed on my subscriptions page?

A: No. Not yet (We are working on a solution). But for now, in order to receive notifications, you need to subscribe to those channels on echocast.com.

The Feed

Q: What is "The Feed"?

A: The Feed is your personalized site for content. All the channels you subscribe to are available there. You decide how you want to watch - whether it's one channel at a time (turn the others off), or all at once, auto-playing from one video to the next.

Q: Certain channels have a lot of videos, is there any way I can filter? Like on ESPN's channel, I only want to see Baseball videos/highlights?

A: Yes, we've created multiple ways for you to filter the content in your feed, across ALL of your channels. Using categories, keyword searches, and whether or not it is a live broadcast. In this case, you can subscribe to ESPN, and type "baseball" in the search box OR use the category/subcategory filters. Both will get you the same result.

Q: Where can I fire up My Feed to watch videos?

A: Anywhere! Well, anywhere that you have data/internet connection and a web browser. We also broadcast on all your devices - laptop, tablet or mobile device. (our mobile app is coming soon!)

Registration/User Profile Management

Q: What happens if I forget my password?

P: You can simply hit the "forget password" link in the sign-on screen and go through the verification process.

Q: What if I want to change the email address I get my notifications sent to?

A: We made that very easy for you! Under your profile, click "edit", fill in your new email address, and click save/done. You'll receive a notification confirming the change. Done!

Creator/Channel Support

Q: I have my own YouTube channel, can I direct people straight to my subscription page?

A: Yes! You can share a link with them in this format: echocast.me/yt/(your channel id without the parenthesis)

Q: Do you have a social share button I can put on my website?

A: Absolutely! Just contact us at creatormgt@echocast.com and we'll get one set up for you (complete with your direct link mentioned above).

Q: If someone watches my video on echocast.com, does the view count in my YT stats?

A: Yes it does. We are using embed links in our video player in order to make sure that you get the proper credit.

Q: I broadcast a lot of live shows, can my subscriber see those episodes in the feed?

A: Yes. And we will send them a notification 30 minutes before your broadcast and also when you officially go live.

Q: How soon will my subscribers be notified of my new videos?

A: That depends on what frequency they selected. If they chose "immediate", they will receive a notification as soon as your video goes live. If they chose "daily" or "weekly", it will be included in the next batch they receive. Every video you post from the time they subscribe, will have a notification associated with it.

Q: Is there a way I can promote my channel on your home page?

A: We'd love to! At the moment, echocast.com has curated "carousels" on the homepage, and we do like to change them up frequently. You can contact us here: creatormgt@echocast.com to discuss opportunities.